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A Stump grinder is a machine that has a cutter wheel specifically manufactured to grind a stump and its root flares into a mulch-like fiber. Typically they penetrate about 8" below grade. The most obvious benefits to stump grinding are: 

Aesthetics- stumps are unsightly
Utilization- removing the stump will allow you to use the space again
Safety- no more tripping over the stump
Maintenance- you won't have to mow around it anymore 

Many people don’t realize a rotting stump can also be a great nest for termites. They bore into the wood and could lay larva, multiply, and eventually make their way into your house if it is close enough. They could also damage the ability for the ground above to grow healthy grass.

We can get rid of that stump for you, there are several services we offer depending on the type of tree it was and the future plans for the purpose of the area.

Grade Level
We can take our stump grinder and shave the tree stump four to six inches below the surface.  We then add top soil that forms a mound that will eventually settle to even the grade.  A property owner can then plant sod over the old stump. 


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